Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Fourth of July

 As you know, yesterday was the Fourth of July. We had a lot of fun, going to the ward picnic. After it, there was swimming, but since my swimsuit isn't getting here until tomorrow, all I could do was make sand castles with moats(getting the water to go in by itself, which is harder than it sounds), and wading in up to my knees. 

Today I helped Joseph make his own Blog, and it is called "Climbing Piano." Take a look at it , even though he hasn't posted anything yet. 

We are going camping on *Thursday, at Branch Brook, it is our first time there. It looks like a LOT of fun!! We will get back on **Saturday, and I promise to take lots of pictures :D 

*my little sister, Elisabeth's, birthday
**my older brother, Nathan's, birthday
(I did get my cast off :D)

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