Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Fourth of July

 As you know, yesterday was the Fourth of July. We had a lot of fun, going to the ward picnic. After it, there was swimming, but since my swimsuit isn't getting here until tomorrow, all I could do was make sand castles with moats(getting the water to go in by itself, which is harder than it sounds), and wading in up to my knees. 

Today I helped Joseph make his own Blog, and it is called "Climbing Piano." Take a look at it , even though he hasn't posted anything yet. 

We are going camping on *Thursday, at Branch Brook, it is our first time there. It looks like a LOT of fun!! We will get back on **Saturday, and I promise to take lots of pictures :D 

*my little sister, Elisabeth's, birthday
**my older brother, Nathan's, birthday
(I did get my cast off :D)

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Okay, so pretty big news these past two weeks. I was in P.E. on the third (we are doing the circus unit, we just finished it on Thursday),and I was trying the balance-board for the first time. It shot out from underneath me, and I landed in my wrist. I put the balance-board back as well as I could, but I couldn't use my wrist. I went to the nurse to get some ice, and she called Mom to take me to the doctor. More than three hours later, I came out, wearing a cast. It turned out that I had broken both main bones in my wrist, and  now I am in a full arm cast. For those of you who are curious, I chose pink and purple for my cast. Purple with pink stripes. :) 
So, that's about it! };{

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Last week, but mostly yesterday.

We went to the temple yesterday. It was a very long car trip. Fortunately, Mom let watch "Sleeping Beauty" on the way there, which took up about half the car ride. On the way home, we went the long way, because we had something to get at Market Basket. I had brought a large basket, and and I put a towel at the bottom of it, and and some hay in it. Also, I put a blanket  on the top to keep in the heat, and an "igloo"( a pet house ). When we got to Market Basket, Mom, Joseph, and I got out, and I was holding the basket. As we got out and stood by the front of the store, absolutely freezing, another car pulled up and a woman got out, holding a cage with two little animals in it. I took the blanket off the basket, but the lady gave us the cage that the animals were in. In return, Mom gave her a little wad of money, and I got into the car. Mom and Joseph went shopping, and Dad and I drove to the gas station where I transferred the guinea pigs( because that is what they were, of course) into the basket. That happened last night, and by now, they have names. There is a larger one, she is the mom, is dark brown with a light brown stomach, her name is now Nutmeg.The daughter is white, with a mostly dark brown head, and a collar of light brown. The daughter's name is now Penelope, and she has a fluffier coat, whereas her mother, Otter, has a smooth coat. We think that Fluffy is part teddy, which have a similar style of coat. So, that is really all! Bye!! };{

Sunday, January 25, 2015

This week

This week was rather normal...
On Wednesday I had a Faith in God activity on how to use the compass. Our team finished second, and we went home with the jackpot of candy. (-; Just kidding, but we did get some. After that, I went to Young Women's New Beginnings. It was really fun. 
And even though I was able to bring home one of the really cool necklace pendents, I couldn't wear because they ran out of chains. But I'll get one soon!

Also, I'm getting my second flute lesson tomorrow, and I am really exited. While on the subject of school, tomorow, our homeroom is going to draw names for the Winter Carnival. I am am so exited. There are a couple of things I want to do, and I hope I can get one before they are all gone. I'll tell you next Sunday how it turns out!
Bye! };{

Last week

The past week has been great! I got my first flute lesson, and since then I have practiced for about ten minutes on Monday, and forty-five minutes today. the reason I didn't practice more Monday is because after a little while I got light-headed.

Also, my second week of school has been awesome, and there was a half day on Friday which was both good and bad. the good part was the fact that we got out early, and therefore had more time to read when we got home. The bad part is because since all the classes were only twenty minutes long (and they all had to be crammed into that time), it was hectic. Very hectic. But I survived :-)!
(Even though I'm posting this now, I actually wrote it last week.) 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Big News!

Okay, so it has been a while, but I have big news for you! First things first; I can't remember whether I told you yet or not, but we have an i-Pad.  Recently Dad downloaded a language learning program called duolingo, and I am learning German. 

I got my Bob Ross  painting kit that I have been saving up for , and I did another painting.     

But the biggest change is yet to be heard from........
We ( the three oldest kids ), are going to Public School!!!
Tomorrow will be the second week of school, since we started going on January 5th. Early mornings( like 5:00 ), homework, and cram-packed days. The whole thing. Also, tomarrow I will start my flute lessons! YAYY!  I hope we don't have any snow days, mostly because I love school and don't want to miss any of it. So, even though it has been a couple of months, there isn't that much to say. 

But just in case you are wondering, Christmas was really great. I got about 5 or 6 presents, and  2 of them were an easel and a two pack of canvases. Another was a book for inspiration.                    So, there you go! Bye!

 P.S. I'll post pictures later :-)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Last week

 Okay, so last week's most interesting stuff was going camping. Unfortunately, Mom had accidentally picked a weekend that was very rainy. We had found this out Friday while we were still packing, but because Mom had  prepayed, we went anyway. Because we knew this, we brought some wood from the last time Dad pruned the trees up front. When we got to our camping site at Storr's Pond(which we were all relieved to know that Mom had gotten the only one to our knowledge with a lean-to) it was pouring. We quickly brought all of our stuff into the lean-to and set up the card table so we could play cards later that night. While we were doing all of this and staying dry, Dad was staying out in the rain, getting large logs and chopping them with his ax on an old tree stump so he could start the fire. And he did,too, with only one match. After a while the rain let up and we had dinner(and, of course, smores, too.). Then we went to bed and Dad told stories. The next day packed up and went swimming.

I guess that's all!