Sunday, February 1, 2015

Last week, but mostly yesterday.

We went to the temple yesterday. It was a very long car trip. Fortunately, Mom let watch "Sleeping Beauty" on the way there, which took up about half the car ride. On the way home, we went the long way, because we had something to get at Market Basket. I had brought a large basket, and and I put a towel at the bottom of it, and and some hay in it. Also, I put a blanket  on the top to keep in the heat, and an "igloo"( a pet house ). When we got to Market Basket, Mom, Joseph, and I got out, and I was holding the basket. As we got out and stood by the front of the store, absolutely freezing, another car pulled up and a woman got out, holding a cage with two little animals in it. I took the blanket off the basket, but the lady gave us the cage that the animals were in. In return, Mom gave her a little wad of money, and I got into the car. Mom and Joseph went shopping, and Dad and I drove to the gas station where I transferred the guinea pigs( because that is what they were, of course) into the basket. That happened last night, and by now, they have names. There is a larger one, she is the mom, is dark brown with a light brown stomach, her name is now Nutmeg.The daughter is white, with a mostly dark brown head, and a collar of light brown. The daughter's name is now Penelope, and she has a fluffier coat, whereas her mother, Otter, has a smooth coat. We think that Fluffy is part teddy, which have a similar style of coat. So, that is really all! Bye!! };{

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