Sunday, August 24, 2014

Last week

 Okay, so last week's most interesting stuff was going camping. Unfortunately, Mom had accidentally picked a weekend that was very rainy. We had found this out Friday while we were still packing, but because Mom had  prepayed, we went anyway. Because we knew this, we brought some wood from the last time Dad pruned the trees up front. When we got to our camping site at Storr's Pond(which we were all relieved to know that Mom had gotten the only one to our knowledge with a lean-to) it was pouring. We quickly brought all of our stuff into the lean-to and set up the card table so we could play cards later that night. While we were doing all of this and staying dry, Dad was staying out in the rain, getting large logs and chopping them with his ax on an old tree stump so he could start the fire. And he did,too, with only one match. After a while the rain let up and we had dinner(and, of course, smores, too.). Then we went to bed and Dad told stories. The next day packed up and went swimming.

I guess that's all! 

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